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Skin Rescue Oil

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The all-rounder for stressed skin!

The Skin Rescue oil gives you concentrated, purely vegetable active ingredients for maintaining and regeneration from dry to slightly oily and irritated skin, which may even tend to impurities. The base made of regenerating argan and evening primrose oil was used with the deep blue oil of the blue rain farn enriched. According to customer feedback, it has proven to regenerate irritated, dry to flaky skin states, inflammation and redness.

Free of perfume, dyes and alcohol. Color, fragrance and consistency of this natural product manufactured by hand can vary, deviations are not a deficiency.

Lovely Day changes his bottles until the middle of the year. Therefore, you may already get your product in the new packaging! However, the content is the same -as fantastic as ever.

Skin type

Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, oily, irritated and blemish-prone skin.


• Facial oil for the care and regeneration of dry to slightly oily skin
• Also for irritated, impure-prone skin types
• Helps with irritated, dry to flaky skin
• Regenerates inflammation and redness and has disinfectant properties
• Based on regenerating argan and evening primrose oil
• Enriched with the deep blue oil of organically grown blue tansy
• Works against damaging environmental influences and protects against drying out
• Phytosterols activate skin metabolism
• Triterpenoids repair injured tissue such as acne scars
• 100% natural


After cleansing in the evening, prepare your face with a toner, then apply 1-2 drops of the oil to your facial skin, distribute well over the entire face and pat in gently.

We recommend not using the oil on completely dry skin. Skin Rescue can also be used in the morning in colder temperatures, then use 1-2 drops of the oil mixed with your day care.


The gold of Morocco - from controlled organic cultivation - contains diunsaturated fatty acids from the omega-6 group. It reduces inflammation, acts against damaging environmental influences and protects against drying out. Phytosterols activate skin metabolism, triterpenoids repair injured tissue such as acne scars and have disinfectant properties.

It also impresses with its proportion of omega-6 fatty acids, especially gamma-linolenic acid. It is part of the cell membranes; its mobile molecular structure keeps them supple and ensures that material transport into and out of the cells occurs barrier-free. These metabolic processes are usually disrupted in pathological skin conditions such as acne.

The precious medicinal plant in organic quality comes from Morocco. Our absolute recommendation against inflammation, rashes and rosacea. The oil shows antibacterial properties. The qualities traded differ significantly in color, smell and effect. Its elegant, deep blue color and its sweet-spicy, sedating aroma not only relieve skin problems, but also stress conditions and have an aromatherapeutically relaxing and calming effect.

Limonene is a naturally occurring fragrance from the Blue Tansy plant. Like all fragrances, limonenes can cause irritation in fragrance allergy sufferers at certain concentrations and must be declared at a concentration of 0.001%. Limonenes are present in this product in a concentration of 0.0028%, so irritation is unlikely, even for allergy sufferers.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil**, Oenothera Biennis Oil**, Tanacetum Annuum**, Tocopherol, Limonene*

* Occurs naturally in Blue Tansy
** Controlled organic cultivation

Skin Rescue Oil
Skin Rescue Oil
Skin Rescue Oil