Wild herb tincture "Strong Roots"

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Freshly collected tree buds as a grounding ritual as a cure or for on the go. Discover your inner strength through the power of trees. "Strong Roots" tastes best when everything becomes too much for you and the stress of everyday life threatens to throw you off track. Feel rooted and safe!

The "Strong Roots" tincture is a composition of the powerful trees oak, birch, beech and linden. The tincture is made from fresh buds without additives and is made with organic alcohol and glycerin. This highly concentrated tincture has a delicious, sweet, woody taste. A quality feature that you can see straight away is the magnificent colors. 100% the pure power of nature.

  • Grounding tincture made from fresh tree buds. Oak, birch, beech and linden - discover your inner strength through the power of trees.
  • 600 drops for 4 weeks. Put 20 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water. Delicious taste.
  • 100% organic, regional and cold extracted. All ingredients are hand-picked in spring and macerated in alcohol and vegetable glycerin on site at an organic farm.
  • Forest bathing to go . Bring the energy and security of the forest into your everyday life. Always at hand in stressful situations.

• Grounding tincture made from fresh tree buds
• Ingredients from oak, birch, beech and linden
• Revitalizes your inner strength through the power of trees
• 600 drops for a 4-week treatment or in between
• Taste: Sweet, woody
• 100% organic, regional and cold extracted
• Hand-picked ingredients
• Always at hand in stressful situations


Put 20 drops of the bud tincture on your tongue and breathe deeply. Discover your inner strength through the power of the trees. Ideal as a cure or when you need acute support in stressful situations.

TIP: Try incorporating a mini meditation for grounding and stability into your everyday life. Close your eyes for five minutes and imagine you are standing in the middle of an old, powerful forest. The smell of resins and essential oils fills the air around you. Just as the trees are deeply grounded and rooted with their roots, you too stand with stability on the forest floor. Open your eyes and take this feeling with you into your everyday life.


Gemmo tincture: The concentrated life force of the trees and bushes is contained in the buds. They are carefully harvested by hand. Fresh buds are macerated in alcohol and glycerin immediately after harvesting. This dissolves a particularly large amount of plant substances. But don't worry: your twenty drops will then only contain around 0.4g of alcohol, which is less than in a glass of apple juice (alcohol occurs wherever wet, sugary or starchy substances are fermented by yeast cells).

Origin: All KRUUT tinctures are produced on an organic farm in the Alps. The herbs and buds are collected and processed on site. Through the joint cooperation, the small company was able to expand its artisanal production and offer tinctures of first-class quality.

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Store in a dark place.

Content per daily amount:
Oak 550 mg, birch 165 mg, beech 170 mg, linden 220 mg

Water, alcohol (30% vol.)*, glycerin*, oak*, birch*, beech*, linden*

* From organic cultivation and organic wild collection

Wild herb tincture "Strong Roots"
Wild herb tincture "Strong Roots"
Wild herb tincture "Strong Roots"
Wild herb tincture "Strong Roots"