Birch Hair Tonic


Birch Hair Tonic

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Birch Hair Tonic is made from the pure Bavarian birch. Only during a short time in spring, the birch juice contains a maximum of valuable ingredients and is, harmless for the trees, harvested. For centuries, the Birch Hair Tonic has been an appreciated treatment for hair and scalp due to its effects. It strengthens the hair root and creates hair thickness, it calms the scalp to prevent dandruff and greasiness from returning quickly.

Pure natural ingredients. Exclude all chemicals, synthetics.


Brush your hair out and massage the tonic into the hair and scalp. Massaging helps to stimulate circulation, promoting scalp health, while the tonic moisturizes the hair and scalp. Once the tonic has been applied, the hair can be styled, with the tonic holding the hair in place and giving it a shiny appearance. It can also be used to style beards, sideburns, or other facial hair.


Aqua, Caffeine, Betula Pendula Extract, Alcohol