Blackened Santal Eau de Parfum

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Blackened Santal Eau de Parfum

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The BLACK SANTAL Eau de Parfum is crafted with precious oils and organic alcohol, blended to perfection, creating a layered depth that lingers on the skin. A fragrance for both men and women. Made with natural oils and organic cane-derived alcohol

About the fragrance: Sensual. Haunting. Intoxicating.A tempting blend of mysterious sandalwood and cedar wood, peppered with spicy cardamom intertwines with dark Vanilla. Lifted with a touch of violet and a delicate hint of iris.

Notes: Olibanum, Rosewood, Cardamom, Violet, Vanilla, Cypress, Sandalwood


Lightly mist on the pulse points at the inside of the wrist and base of the neck for lasting fragrance. Please note the bulb pump is mainly for decorative purposes. Please use the regular pump with cap when traveling.


Ethyl Alcohol (certified organic alcohol derived from Sugar Cane), Fragrance