"Red Sea" Period Tea
"Red Sea" Period Tea


"Red Sea" Period Tea

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This organic harmonizing wellness tea has been created for the time of your menstruation. The herbs in this tea have traditionally been recommended when when experiencing heavy periods- containing iron, giving the body strength.
Shepherd’s Purse is known throughout Europe and is used widely by women across the world. Nettle contains iron, which is lost when experiencing a heavy flow.

This products has been developed by leading herbal experts, rethinking old recipes when it was normal to treat symptoms with herbs instead of popping pills and hormones.


One week before your period, drink 1-3 cups daily. During your period drink 2-4 cups daily. 

2 teaspoons per 200ml boiling water, leave to brew 8-12 minutes and strain.

Avoid during pregnancy and lactation.


Alpine’s Lady Mantle, Yarrow, Tansy, Shepherd’s Purse, Stinging Nettle, Balm