Mushroom Highlights: die Super-Shrooms kommen!

Mushroom highlights: the super shrooms are coming!



Fungi are truly omnipresent on earth: they thrive in the sea, in lakes, in the soil and also in the air... and in microscopic form in our intestines and on our skin, where they contribute to the wonderful cocktail of our microbiome. In skin care, ferments that are created with helpful fungi are used almost exclusively. These have both antioxidant and cell-renewing properties, which we all need, because they can lead to visibly improved skin appearance and texture.

"I not only like the cosmetic advantages of the mushrooms, but also that they can be grown very sustainably. Mushrooms grow well on simple materials such as wood shavings or straw, they require little water and light to grow (so they are energy-saving!) and can be grown in a very space-saving manner."

Rahel Morgen from Oh You Pretty Things

The great properties that medicinal mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms have on our organism have long been used in European and Asian medicine and inspire not only Steffi and Rahel, but also many other beauty fans. Here are a few mushroom highlights from our range that we find super interesting!


Vegan facial serum with a wow effect.

Ukviat Super Mushroom Facial Emulsion (30ml), 21 francs

The serum contains six different, sustainably sourced mushroom extracts - Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, Chaga, Cordyceps and Tremella Fuciformis - as well as flower waxes and organic safflower oil. It provides protection and suppleness to stressed, tension-prone skin, as it also contains great minerals and lipids that support the natural skin barrier.


HERBAR - the newcomers from Berlin

The Face Oil (30ml), 45 francs

This smooth facial oil can do (almost!) everything: concentrated mushroom extracts strengthen the skin and relieve inflammation and redness, while great unsaturated fatty acids and natural ingredients such as hemp, tremella, reishi and jujube dates provide moisture. “The Face Oil” is quickly absorbed, smells wonderful and is an ingenious one-and-done care product for everyone who appreciates slim skin care routines.

And: You can incorporate The Face Oil with the appropriate mini mushrooms as Gua Shas :

Would you like a facial massage?

Gua Shrooms, 32 francs

These Little Helpers are not only perfectly shaped for maximum lymphatic drainage and smoothing power, but their texture also brings with them other special features:

The “Tiger Eye” version made from (you guessed it!) tiger eye stands for strength and bravery in TCM and is known for its harmonizing effect. «Dalmatian» is made from Dalmatian stone (a special variant of jasper quartz) and is used as a remedy against exhaustion and boredom.

Shine from within.

Skin Pearls , 45 francs and Skin Pearls Box , 48 francs

And Herbar also relies on mushroom power from the inside with its own food additive - and also a pretty storage box in the typical Herbar design: "The Skin Pearls" contain a unique symbiotic mixture of mushrooms, adaptogens, medicinal herbs, botanical extracts and vitamin B3, B12 and C according to a recipe developed by TCM doctors, which consists of Eulethero, Rhodiola, Cordyceps and many other botanical active ingredients.

This adaptogenic nutritional supplement is intended to reduce cell aging from within, restore balance in the body and promote “resistance to oxidative stress”.


Calm down...

The Forest Retreat (30ml), 58 francs

Steffi grabbed this emulsion from Oio Lab ( read the HEY PRETTY review of the brand here! ) straight after the description for the Tiger Prince, whose skin is reacting a bit at the moment:

"Soothing, adaptogenic treatment that helps the skin regulate the production of stress hormones, reduce redness, stimulate the skin's protective processes and visibly improve skin tone."

And Steffi finds Rahel's personal description of the scent (which has not yet completely convinced the Tiger Prince) perfectly apt: « Really, as if you were lying on a damp moss and breathing in the scent of the forest. »


Because twice is better.

The Glow Facial Set (2 x 30 ml) 99 francs

Okay, the set with the above “The Forest Retreat” facial fluid and the super-smooth “Aquasphere” facial serum (a pretty awesome hyaluronic acid cocktail) is a perfect gift for anyone who wants a healthy-looking complexion… but even cooler?

The packaging of the gift box is made of 100% sustainable "Super Mushroom" material, which - when torn into shreds - can be completely composted within 40 days, whether in normal household compost or simply distributed in the garden as a booster!



Thank you dear Steffi for the lovely post ! And congratulations to all the winners!