Care for your skin - care for the planet 🌎

Care for your skin - care for the planet 🌎


UKVIAT offers effective skin care products that are PETA certified "Cruelty Free" and naturally vegan. The ingredients used are natural, carefully researched and responsibly sourced from the land and sea.

At least 2% of the revenue from each of UKVIAT products is transferred to environmental organizations to act collectively and fund a specific cause.

When you choose UKVIAT, you're not only ensuring high-quality skincare at extremely fair prices, but also a better future for our planet - with products that truly improve skin, be it by reducing blemishes, rejuvenating or increasing protection .

Curious? Here are our favorites:

BLUE Balancing Facial Oil

An ultra-light, quickly absorbing oil serum , BLUE Balancing Facial Oil visibly improves the appearance of problem skin. It helps support clear skin and is rich in unique plant-based active ingredients such as blueberry and plant-based squalane.
This feather-light formula has a calming and moisturizing effect while strengthening the skin's natural protective barrier - thanks to a high dose of proactive milk thistle seed esters from renewable EU cultivation.
It is absorbed immediately and does not leave an oily film behind, but rather helps to create a fresh, balanced and radiant complexion.

SUPER MUSHROOM Facial Emulsion

A universal, fast-absorbing emulsion that helps increase the skin's moisture levels, nourish it and support its healthy appearance.
Inspired by the mushroom kingdom, the nutrient-rich, creamy SUPER MUSHROOM Facial Emulsion contains six sustainably sourced mushroom extracts: Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, Chaga, Cordyceps and Tremella Fuciformis - to effectively combat a variety of skin problems and support a healthy complexion.
Enriched with flower wax and organic safflower oil, this vegan formula delivers a wealth of minerals and lipids to support the skin's natural barrier, reduce tension and protect against dryness.
Leaves nothing but skin feeling refreshed, resilient and rested.


    PINK Anti-Stress Facial Serum

    This gel-serum absorbs instantly and moisturizes, relaxing and soothing skin exposed to stress and pollution.
    The PINK Anti-Stress Facial Serum contains highly effective plant extracts, sea minerals, algae and damask rose petals and ensures radiant, soothed and fresh-looking skin.
    The feather-light, science-inspired skincare booster contains patented Wild Indigo Seed Extract, a well-researched ingredient that helps activate a calming sensation for brighter, more youthful-looking skin.

    GREEN Protective Facial Oil

    An ultra-light, fast-absorbing oil serum designed to improve the appearance of sensitive, redness-prone skin in need of regeneration. This nutrient-dense, vegan GREEN Protective Facial Oil is rich in plant extracts such as brown seaweed and sea buckthorn berries and helps activate a calming sensation to strengthen and restore the appearance of sensitive, irritated skin.
    Enriched with antioxidant plant extracts that protect against harmful external influences and promote healthy skin.

    The protective formula, rich in organic broccoli seed oil, grape seed oil and milk thistle seed esters from renewable EU cultivation, leaves sensitive skin feeling resilient and strengthened.

      YELLOW Revitalizing Facial Oil

      Ultra-light, fast-absorbing YELLOW Revitalizing Facial Oil for a radiant, smooth and youthful-looking complexion. Enriched with botanical extracts of samphire and sea buckthorn berries, this vegan serum helps tired skin look brighter, rejuvenated and radiant.
      The feather-light formula acts as a natural alternative to retinol - without skin peeling or irritation. It is rich in organic linseed oil and proactive esters from milk thistle seeds from renewable EU cultivation, is absorbed immediately and leaves tired skin looking plump, well-moisturized and refreshed.

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