Gua-Throom "Calcite"

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The GUA mushroom is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and is an aid to promote lymphatic drainage and to reduce tensions, which leads to a refined and tighter complexion. It can be used to gently relieve the face, jaw, neck, upper back or other areas in which stress and tensions accumulate.

The Calcite Is your new indispensable companion to increase your general well -being, keep a feeling of calm and regulate the emotions. According to the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), it has a profound influence on the health of digestion. This stone is connected to the element earth and corresponds to the meridian spleen and stomach. You can put the GUA mushroom on your eyes to relieve swelling, gently massage the smooth stone in the area of ​​the sinuses and put it on acupressure points that have to do with digestion to relieve digestive problems.

The process of perfection of the Herbar-typical form took over a year. In painstaking little work, each individual stone was created in its ergonomically optimized form, which effortlessly slides over the skin and offers all the advantages of traditional GUA-SHA technology. In the TCM, the meridians represent the paths on which the Qi, the life energy flows. These can often be blocked or in imbalance, which leads to complaints. The application of pressure on certain points along this meridian (also known as acupressure) is one of the most effective methods for restoring the balance in the body. Above all, however, the active ingredients of your favorite face oil are better introduced into the skin.

Skin type

Suitable for all skin types.


• Firming facial massage for a flawless complexion
• Improves lymphatic flow and therefore has a decongestant effect
• The face appears firmer and the contours more defined
• Smooths facial wrinkles and makes tense facial features appear softer
• Stimulates blood circulation in the skin
• The cells are better supplied with oxygen and the complexion can shine again
• The elasticity of the skin is improved


1. Warm 3 to 5 drops of a facial oil in the palms of your hands and apply lightly to clean, dry or damp skin.

2. Hold the stem of the Gua Shroom and gently press the cap against your skin. Slide the Gua Shroom from the center of the chin up to the earlobe to shape the jaw.

3. Now start at the nose and work your way up the cheeks and cheekbones in a sweeping movement and towards the ears.

4. Then move on to the inner corners of the eyes and gently stroke them outwards towards the temple.

5. Glide upward along the brow bone - from the inside to the outside.

6. Remember to always move outwards and repeat the entire process 4-5 times on both sides.


Calcite is the remedy of choice when it comes to elevating mood, staying calm and keeping emotions in check. TCM researchers say it affects digestive health because calcite is connected to the earth element and the spleen and stomach meridians. You can place gua mushroom on your eyes for swelling and massage around your sinuses. Also in the use of digestive acupressure points to relieve digestive problems.


After use, you should briefly rinse your Gua-Shroom with hot water and a mild soap and then pat dry.

We deliver the mushroom in a small bag so you can keep it safe and clean.

Gua-Throom "Calcite"
Gua-Throom "Calcite"