Die neue Gesichtspflegelinie von THIS PLACE.

The new facial care line from THIS PLACE.


We are very pleased that we can offer the new This Place facial line exclusively for Switzerland. The team around founder Laura Simonow is paying even more attention to the topic of facial care and has developed a new product range that focuses on the natural care of facial skin.

“With the new care series, we would like to increasingly combine medical findings and the power of natural ingredients in the area of ​​facial care in order to use our knowledge to help you achieve a well-groomed appearance full of charisma ,” says Laura.

This Place 's facial care line encapsulates the knowledge of Botanical Intelligence in 100 percent natural textures that do not contain any synthetic fillers, PEGs, silicones, parabens, plastic particles and mineral oils. Tested by us and given top marks.


Two naturally strong phases for an important care step: the gentle removal of your make-up. As an oil-infused make-up remover, Come Undone easily removes all textures, from sun protection to foundation to waterproof mascara - while taking the needs of your skin into account.

Once shaken vigorously, you can activate the 2-phase make-up remover with a naturally strong phyto-complex again and again. Thanks to its extra gentle cleansing formula, Come Undone has been specially developed for removing make-up, sun protection and excess sebum, even on particularly sensitive skin areas.

Tailored to the needs of sensitive skin and at the same time suitable for all skin types.


Does your eye area require regenerating care? Best with a strengthening nutritional effect? Then with Between The Lines you can care for even demanding skin in accordance with its needs. In addition, the balanced formulation reactivates the skin feeling full of tone, elasticity and suppleness.
Formulated as Creamy Eye Therapy, this rich formula ensures your skin feels intensely nourished. And thanks to the beautifier paracress, known as Bio-Botox, it's not just your look in the mirror that relaxes. The appearance of fine wrinkles and lines is also reduced.

In short: Between The Lines offers you what you expect for a resilient eye area with radiance. At any age.

Particularly suitable for the care of very dry and demanding eye area.


Endless Ease - Your well-aging facial cream with ceramides, ginkgo extract and lactococcus ferment. Developed as an intensively nourishing face cream specifically for the needs of demanding skin. Rich in strengthening ceramides and valuable ginkgo extract, the regenerating formula supports your skin in maintaining its elasticity and vitality. At any age - because your skin is exposed to different stresses every day that can weaken its natural protective function. Endless Ease offers you a rich formula that sustainably nourishes and protects demanding skin.

Thanks to its unique combination of valuable ingredients, the nourishing ceramide cream can strengthen your skin barrier and prevent the first signs of aging. At the same time, high-quality vegetable oils ensure a noticeably soft, padded appearance.

Formulated for demanding, mature skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Revitalizing hyaluronic serum with red ginseng and lactococcus ferment for those days when your skin is particularly thirsty. This serum offers you a valuable plus of precious ingredients that your skin will soon no longer want to be without. Right as Rain is your multi-tasker for a completely refreshed, harmonized complexion. Day after day.

Enriched with triple hyaluronic acid, Right as Rain provides dehydrated skin with intensive moisture that lasts. The addition of selected plant-based active ingredients transforms this harmonizing serum into a true multi-tasker that can alleviate the first signs of skin aging, pigment spots and inflammatory skin symptoms.

Suitable for all skin types.


In Time Will Tell, strengthening lipids, potent antioxidants and marine micronutrients combine to create a highly concentrated well-aging serum that specifically addresses the needs of your skin. The highly concentrated formulations have been specially developed to meet the needs of demanding skin and to give it a plump complexion and a silky skin feel.

The highly concentrated formulations have been specially developed to meet the needs of demanding skin and give it a plump complexion and a silky feel.

Formulated for demanding, mature skin. Suitable for all skin types.