Lieblingsstücke für die Zeit "zwischen den Jahren".

Favorite products for the time “between the years”.


Tip 1: Take a long bath

Set in the mood by a gently tingling noise, you can enjoy wellness to its fullest with The Mineral Bath . The remineralizing bath additive pampers the mind, senses and body with minerals and CBD coated in nourishing cocoa butter. Embedded in unique care crystals, The Mineral Bath enriches your bathing experience with regenerating Epsom salt. In a perfect combination of pampering spa, clarifying detox and holistic self-care, This Place has created a reharmonizing bath additive in cooperation with Lanserhof, Europe's leading health resort: "The Mineral Bath" with carefully selected, natural ingredients is intended to support health regeneration and conscious breaks promote from everyday life.


Tip 2: Make your nails shine
New to us: Kure Bazaar, the first nail polish of a new generation that combines the ethics of an eco-friendly formula with the vibrant colors of fashion. A technological innovation after years of research has made it possible to significantly reduce chemical substances - without compromises. Impeccable hold, shine and quick drying. Kure Bazaar 's exclusive formula is 90% bio-based and enriched with bamboo extracts and vitamin E. Kure Bazaar is innovative and formulates "12 Free", WITHOUT adding toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, synthetic camphor, TPHP, paraben, xylene, styrene, benzophenone-1,-3 nanocolor.



Tip 3: Include nutritional supplements in your beauty routine
Skin Pearls , which is a unique symbiotic blend of mushrooms, adaptogens, medicinal herbs, botanical extracts and vitamins B3, B12 and C. It breaks down cell aging, strengthens collagen, restores balance in the body and promotes resistance to oxidative stress . At the same time, the skin barrier is strengthened, immunity is promoted and the individual beauty of the skin is highlighted. The formula, developed by doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanxi Province in China, consists of eulethero, rhodiola, cordyceps and many other botanical active ingredients and proves that beauty is not only found on the skin.


Tip 4: Care for the scalp and hair right down to the tips
A.) Cleanse: A scalp peeling Effectively and deeply cleanses the scalp of dead cells, excess sebum, heavy metals from hard water and residues from styling products, regulates sebum secretion and prolongs the fresh appearance of the hair.
B.) Care: An intensive mask with immediate effect strengthens the hair intensively, repairs damaged areas from the inside and provides moisture on several levels. The imitation of an additional film on the hair provides protection against negative environmental influences and prevents hair breakage. After the first use, the hair becomes silky, plump and manageable.
C.) Repair: A revitalizing filler actively moisturizes and restores dry, damaged and thin hair. The aminoceramide complex nourishes the hair from within and repairs damaged areas, combats split ends and hair breakage. Hyaluronic acid provides hair with instant moisture. Thanks to the active composition with glutamic acid and phytosterols, the hair becomes extremely soft, full and without static.


Tip 5: Even if you are not in the mountains, always wear sun protection!
SeventyOne Percent sun protection is made in France and not only meets the specific needs of athletes, but also respects people and the environment. The focus is on the effectiveness, naturalness and ecological responsibility of the products, which offer a universal, family-friendly solution approach. Since humans and the planet consist of 70% water, SeventyOne Percent donates 1% of sales to an association to protect children and the future... because we are all 71%.