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Holiday glow routine

We're beaming with the Christmas tree!

A wonderful year is coming to an end and we are grateful to have you as customers! We want a total glow during the holidays, but there's a lot we need to do to achieve that - after all, our facial skin has to endure a lot (sugar! alcohol!). To counteract the dull complexion and impurities, we rely on this ultimate beauty routine and our new additions, which not only put you in a good mood with their great colors.

Happy Holidays!


Flawless, radiant skin starts with cleansing. This mild cleansing cream from The Glow is a cleansing, mask and peeling in one. It not only supports cell renewal but also cleanses the skin deep into the pores without removing moisture. Aloe vera, white clay, willow bark extract and bromelain have an anti-inflammatory, calming effect and unclog the pores. Also use Cleansing Cream as a mask. This gives the enzymes time to develop their full effect and gently remove dead skin cells from the skin.


Oden 's Sérum Vitaminé is a synergy of three exceptional French-grown virgin plant oils and is a true treasure for dull and devitalized skin. The rare and precious sea buckthorn oil is very rich in carotenoids and gives the serum its pretty orange color, which refreshes the complexion in an instant and gives it a beautiful glow. Evening primrose and cherry oil are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, they help the skin to regenerate to prevent moisture loss and skin aging.


An eye cream is a must for skin over 25. Nowhere else are wrinkles more noticeable than in this sensitive eye area. Sandawha has a very special eye cream in its range that contains a soy peptide complex that doubles the skin's regeneration rate. The light formula of the Intensive Eye Contour gives the sensitive eye area more freshness and firmness. It contains the concentrated form of an exclusive natural soy peptide complex that can double the regeneration rate of surface cells.


The light day cream from MUTI is the perfect everyday protection – indoors and outdoors. It actively protects against premature skin aging caused by environmental stress with the help of the innovative ε-Peptide-Complex®. The strong antioxidant effect of the complex sustainably strengthens the immune defense of the microbiome. Fragmented hyaluronic acid as the main active ingredient also stimulates the skin's own repair system by stimulating the skin to retain moisture. The cream also contains sun protection factor 20, which provides medium protection against UVA and UVB radiation.


Make-up that makes you and your skin feel good. Ultimately, the make-up applied every day should not give the feeling of an unnatural layer on the face, but rather blend with your skin and look natural. These creamy, versatile blushes and highlighters from Pure U. consist exclusively of natural ingredients and give the skin the whole Bright color every day. They are suitable for the cheeks, lips or as a fine color accent under the eyebrows.


Does your skin suffer from impurities? Here comes our secret weapon: The Blue Drops from Raaw Alchemy are a nourishing facial oil and serum in one - full of vital antioxidants and vitamins with a rejuvenating and calming effect - especially on problem skin. Made with azulene-rich "Blue Tansy Oil" that provides balanced moisture without clogging pores. The healing effects of blue tansy are based on the pigment azulene, which gives the oil its striking sapphire blue color. The high content of azulene gives the skin the ability to soothe and heal damaged skin. Blue Tansy has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is powerful against redness.