Winter Blues....

Winter Blues...

Do you feel the same? It's getting colder and grayer, and suddenly life feels a little harder. You have less energy, you just can't get out of bed in the morning, your mood plummets and your mood is irritable. Science has researched this phenomenon and given it a name: “Seasonal Affective Disorder”.
In short: SAD - sad.
It's high time to recast the darkness with all its negative aspects and so the color black finds its way into our bathroom. Because the color of all colors has always stood for elegance, style and luxury. Our “Best of Black” favorite products not only help you achieve more self-care, but also invite you to new, winter beauty rituals. The little helpers improve your skin, decorate your nails, increase your well-being or help you fall asleep.

Here come our Black Beauties for more self-care and beauty:

"VOW" Barrier Overnight Mask

The VOW Barrier Repair Overnight Mask contains ceramides, blueberry seed oil, jojoba esters and antioxidants to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier, increase moisture levels and firm and smooth the skin. The unique composition of Nóttnuit's synergistic system of skin-soothing and moisturizing ingredients gives the skin a youthful radiance.

Scented candle "The Greenhouse"

Premium vegan scented candle "The Greenhouse" - with high-quality fragrance oils. Poured by hand in a timeless glass vessel, the mug can be used as a drinking cup, small vase or beautiful decorative piece after burning. For more naturalness and mindfulness in everyday life.

"The Greenhouse" is reminiscent of the sprinkles of bright morning sun, fresh dewdrops on the ground and the scent of old vines tightly entwined.


    Body lotion "Kanva"

    The "Kanva Body Lotion" contains nourishing essential oils as well as antioxidant and plant extracts that moisturize the skin. Vitamins and clinically tested, natural ingredients ensure optimal moisture penetration of the skin and repair external damage. Dry and flaky skin is cared for smooth and silky-soft. The unique composition of essential oils envelops the skin with a subtle, long-lasting and unmistakable scent.

    "The E-Serum" Pro-Repair Anti-Blue Light facial serum

    Nature meets science in a facial serum that protects and repairs skin from the negative effects of electrosmog and urban pollution. The formula contains a unique pea ferment (from radiation-resistant microorganisms) with clinically proven abilities to reduce skin damage caused by the negative effects of artificial blue light (HEV), natural sunlight (UV) and infrared radiation (IR). The E-Serum moisturizes and supports the regeneration processes, reduces wrinkles and unevenness, evens the skin tone and gives a healthy complexion.

    Laminaria Eye Cream

    This light yet rich eye cream with a cooling and soothing effect is a fountain of youth for the eyes. This cream, specially developed for sensitive eye areas, has been enriched with organic algae extract, which protects the eye areas from drying out, reduces bags under the eyes and eliminates dark circles under the eyes. This powerful formula of oceanic enzymes and antioxidants nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes and stimulates collagen formation. Facial wrinkles and deeper wrinkles are minimized while the entire eye area is tightened and lifted.

    The Good Night | Relaxing sleeping cream

    It's the de-stressing ingredients in The Good Night that transform your evening routine into a moment of pause. Based on selected herbal extracts, This Place has developed a pleasantly scented sleeping cream that can help you fall asleep and relax. The care effect is also fantastic. Because high-quality oils leave a delicate feeling on your skin.

    Roll-On Deodorant “Vetivier Geranium”

    It's finally here - the liquid deodorant from FINE that meets your high demands: 100% reliable, sustainable and natural. It is extremely gentle (also suitable for people who are sensitive to soda, as the soda content is extremely low and only serves to stabilize the pH) - and at the same time absolutely effective.
    It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. Carefully selected ingredients prevent unwanted odors and at the same time care for your skin and keep you healthy.

    Soothing Facial Beauty Balm "Kind To Skin"

    Based on years of research and eco-friendly practices, the Kind To Skin Facial Balm is designed to relieve the symptoms of sensitive skin (including dryness, flaking and itching). The beauty balm is free of fragrances and essential oils, but is rich in ecologically developed extracts from cork hay and indigo leaves* that help to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin.

    Leave-in cream anti-frizz

    Dry and frizzy hair has an unpleasant tendency to bunch up as it dries. It therefore needs to be supplied with nutrients and moisture so that it is defned again. This leave-in cream restructures the hair, smoothes frizz, nourishes the hair and scalp and fixes the moisture content in the hair.

    Damson In Distress nail polish

    Is it still purple or is it already black? Professionally formulated, high coverage nail polish with a volumizing, gel-like texture and a high-gloss finish that resists fading. The formula is vegan and 9-free. "Damson in Distress" is a dark shade of purple.

    Body Oil "Balance"

    Luxurious organic body oil with a blend of essential oils for daily body care or massages. With precious cyanara and argan oil for firm, radiant skin. Smooth, light texture that glides well on the skin and is quickly absorbed. The fresh blend of peppermint, clary sage, lemon, Scots pine, rosemary and black spruce creates a positive mood, similar to a vibrant early morning ray of sunshine.