Hey Pretty Beauty Blog 💜 mit Rahel Morgen

Hey Pretty Beauty Blog 💜 with Rahel Morgen

Have you always wanted to know which products our founder Rahel Morgen swears by and what her beauty routine is? Tadah!

You can read the whole interview on Hey Pretty Beauty Blog . Because Rahel opened her bathroom cabinet for Hey Pretty and revealed her tips and tricks


My skin story:

I am very lucky that I have never had any significant skin problems. My puberty was completely free of pimples and even now I don't have any wrinkles (apart from a few lines around my eyes), but rather a relatively firm, healthy complexion. Because of my job, I test a lot of products and my skin follows suit; She also tolerates stress and occasional alcohol and sugar well.

However, I have been going to the beautician regularly since I was a teenager, having my face thoroughly cleaned and pampering myself with lymphatic massages and intensive masks - my skin thanks me.

My favorite skincare brand:

I pondered this question for a long time and came to the conclusion that there was no “one” for me. I also think it is wrong to try to tell consumers that they have to use all care products from one line.

My tip: Put together your own beauty program, get inspiration from experts or friends, read blogs, try things out and find your very own routine!

If I still had to choose a skincare brand, I would stock up on all products from TASH Sisterhood from Sweden. The range is not only “raw”, but also provides me with everything from cleansing to anti-aging care – including UV protection.


My favorite make-up brand:

I don't use any make-up, just the Epic Glow DD Serum SPF 15 from TASH Sisterhood. The serum is my absolute favorite and always impresses me when I apply it because of its velvety texture. It also gives me valuable time in the morning because it is an extraordinary combination of three skin care products, namely foundation, serum and SPF 15 - all in one! The serum has natural pigments that melt into my complexion and immediately create a healthy glow, refine the complexion in no time AND provide protection from UV rays.

The entire range of ingredients reads like a Best Of Anti-Aging:
Antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and even hyaluronic acid are packed with concentrated power in this favorite bottle. Everything is “raw”, meaning that the active ingredients are not heated above 48° and are therefore really potent.

My evening routine:

For me, things always have to be quick in the morning, so my self-care time takes place in the evening. This starts with a thorough cleaning, preferably with the Vital Foaming Cleanser from NUORI , which really removes all dirt completely!

I then clarify my skin with facial toner (I use the toner from Studio Botanics ) so that the subsequent oil can be absorbed better.

When it comes to facial oil, I rely entirely on Retinoil from TASH or Lunula Night from Oio Lab - both contain effective blends of advanced, stable forms of 5% Retinol H-10, botanical extracts and therefore offer the best anti-aging night oil -Facial.

A cupping massage that a friend showed me is particularly good for me. The negative pressure activates the blood circulation and cell metabolism of the tissue and the active ingredients are introduced particularly well. Another side effect is that stored toxins are effectively broken down.

If I'm feeling particularly lazy, I use an overnight mask 😉

My new favorite is Mantle's Dream Mask , a gel-textured overnight moisture bomb that boosts the skin's recovery and regeneration process and stimulates collagen production. It ensures deep hydration and increases the skin's elasticity - all while you sleep.

The bed is the best opportunity for a long hand massage. I start with my fingers and a nail oil (the best hand care comes from the Japanese house UKA ), which makes brittle nails resilient. The hands get an extra portion of moisture from the luxurious 23:45 hand cream , which is enriched with valuable Inca Inchi oil and artichoke oil. This rich and moisturizing intensive care product is ideal for my dry hands - and also soothes with essential oils of orange, lavender and vanilla.

Since I don't just have rough feet and elbows in winter, these dry areas on my heels etc. get the long-awaited portion of care thanks to the Cold Cream from Studio Botanics . A pleasant highlight, especially for my feet!

Nothing beats aromatherapy to help you fall asleep! As numerous studies show (and my experiences confirm), lavender promotes balance and has a relaxing and calming effect. Dimmed light, including that of a candle , also helps you get tired. It has to be completely natural, preferably vegan without beeswax!

If I've had a restless day and my head is playing a feature-length drama, I use The Good Night Cream by This Place . The relaxing sleep cream with organic hemp extract and melatonin calms me down in the evening and promotes restful sleep.

Sleep well and have sweet dreams...