About Oh, you pretty things

We are a family-run company that, since its foundation in 2016, has made it its mission to present you with a curated, carefully selected range of natural cosmetics from the latest and already established niche brands. Brands that correspond to our ethical and sustainable values and whose founders share our attitude.

With the most effective products that don't require a lot of frills and only use the best natural ingredients.
This includes facial care, body care, intelligent make-up (color with care), gender-neutral care, room fragrances, perfumes, little helpers and accessories as well as many great gift ideas.

Another feature of our range is that it should also look beautiful in the bathroom cabinet . Because we think that a great product design puts you in a good mood in the morning and we therefore select our natural cosmetics brands based on aesthetic aspects.

Our goal is to regularly update our product range and offer you the most innovative skin care and green beauty products. None of our products contain toxic chemicals or toxic ingredients found in most mass-produced cosmetics today.

With these exceptions: MUTI, Nóttnuit, Beigic and Mantle. These brands fall into the CLEAN BEAUTY category. This means that they contain synthetic ingredients from the food industry, which help the natural active ingredients to penetrate the skin better and thus perform at their best. We also have sun care products in our range that rely on synthetic filters. These have the advantage that - unlike physical filters - they do not leave a white film. Are you unsure which sun protection is right for you? Write to us - together we will find the best sun protection for you!

We know how difficult it is sometimes to keep track of the jungle of new releases or when switching from conventional cosmetics to natural cosmetics. That's why we would like to accompany you and offer free one-to-one sessions with our founder Rahel Morgen. This can be a Zoom call, a phone call or a visit to your home, depending on your wishes.

Last but not least, we firmly believe that animals should be treated with equal rights and respect. For this reason, all of our brands are “Cruelty Free” and none of our products have been tested on animals.
Our founder Rahel Morgen is a member of PETA and so part of the sales are donated to the animal welfare organization.

Would you like to know in general why natural cosmetics are so good for you and the environment? Here you will find everything about the topic and hopefully one or two exciting impulses.





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