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Scented Candle Green Tea "Wabi Sabi"

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Premium vegan Fragrance candle "Wabi Sabi" - with exclusive fragrance oils made of grass, the capital of the perfume.

Far away from perfection, "Wabi Sabi" invites you to a conscious change of perspectives. Simply and without any frills, "Wabi Sabi" shows itself particularly authentically with a clear focus on the little things of everyday life. "Wabi Sabi" invites us to strive for less like quantity than for quality. And the material possession is forced into the background.

The Japanese Wabi Sabi has its origin in Zen Buddhism. This vegan fragrance candle smells of green tea. Balanced fresh - revitalized body, mind and soul. The fine aroma of the green tea is a symbiosis with the energetic fragrance notes of the citrus fruits. The top notes behave lively and transparently: tart bergamot, pure lemon & energetic orange form a bright chord. The heart grades are emphasized & collapsed by the finely woody fragrant white musk. This creates a natural, delicate tart fragrance that gives a vitalizing feeling of freshness. Lively, but still a completely unpretentious fragrance - Wabi Sabi smells apart, fruity and at the same time gently.


• Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, orange
• Heart notes: Green tea, white flowers
• Base notes: White musk
• Vegan, benzene-free soy waxes
• Ceramics made in a German family business
• Poured by hand
• Plastic-free packaging
• Wicks made from pure, lead-free cotton
• Premium quality from southern France


Before each use, the wick should be shortened to approximately 1.5 cm. Then let the candle burn until most of the surface is liquid, but no longer than 5-6 hours.

The soy wax is a natural material and reacts to temperature fluctuations and drafts, so in rare cases cracks can occur in the outer candle layer.

Size: ø 7 cm, height 9 cm
Burning time: up to 45 hours


100% natural and non-GMO soy wax, natural flavors, cotton wick

Scented Candle Green Tea "Wabi Sabi"
Scented Candle Green Tea "Wabi Sabi"
Scented Candle Green Tea "Wabi Sabi"