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Scented Candle Fig "Pride"

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Premium vegan fragrance candle "Pride" with soy wax - with high-quality fragrance oils made of grass, the capital of the perfume.

    We light a light for love. Pride! A little word that stands for so much. Proud! Proud of the LGBTQA+ community about how diverse love, sexuality and life can be. We want to create visibility for a community of which everyone can learn something. Because love knows no limits.
    That is why Lagom Studios donates 2 euros to each of the candle sold Riccardo Simonetti Initiative: "I would like to see a society in which there is not being seen as a weakness." - Riccardo Simonetti

    Gentle and distinctive. The spicy, green-woody aroma of the green fig leaf is a symbiosis with the fruity but subtle fragrance notes of the coconut. The top note is woody-hell and gently: the fig leaf gives an unobtrusive, slightly bitter and juicy fragrance. This connection is emphasized by the finely fragrant musk and collected by the elegant and solid fragrance profile of the sandalwood. This creates a natural fragrance that gives an invigorating feeling of freshness.


    • Top note: Fig leaf
    • Heart note: Coconut
    • Base notes: Musk, sandalwood
    • Vegan & benzene-free soy waxes
    • Ceramics made in a German family business
    • Poured by hand
    • Plastic-free packaging
    • Wicks made from pure, lead-free cotton
    • Premium quality from southern France


    Before each use, the wick should be shortened to approximately 1.5 cm. Then let the candle burn until most of the surface is liquid, but no longer than 5-6 hours.

    The soy wax is a natural material and reacts to temperature fluctuations and drafts, so in rare cases cracks can occur in the outer candle layer.

    Size: ø 7 cm, height 9 cm
    Burning time: up to 45 hours


    100% natural and non-GMO soy wax, natural flavors, cotton wick

    Scented Candle Fig "Pride"
    Scented Candle Fig "Pride"
    Scented Candle Fig "Pride"