The Gua Sha

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The Gua Sha is a massage device for stimulating the skin from traditional Chinese medicine. The black stone helps to reduce puffiness or dark circles under the eyes, relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation. The lymphatic drainage detoxifies your skin, purifies it and makes it young, fresh and radiant.

The ultimate massage stone for the face, which relieves puffiness and ensures a rosy complexion.

  • Relieves tension + tightens
  • Promotes blood circulation + regeneration

      Skin type

      Suitable for all skin types, especially for highly sensitive skin.


      • Firming facial massage for a flawless complexion
      • Improves lymphatic flow and therefore has a decongestant effect
      • The face appears firmer and the contours more defined
      • Smooths facial wrinkles and makes tense facial features appear softer
      • Stimulates blood circulation in the skin
      • The cells are better supplied with oxygen and the complexion can shine again
      • The elasticity of the skin is improved


      1. Apply your favorite serum or oil.
      2. Hold the stone flat, with the curved side facing the face. Always stroke from the center of the face upwards and outwards. Do not stroke back and forth!
      3. Start at the neck, then move on to the jaw, chin and mouth. Repeat 3-5 times per area.
      4. Start gently and gradually increase the pressure. A temporary reddening is a sign that the Gua Sha stone is taking effect.


      100% rose quartz


      After use, you should briefly rinse your Gua Sha with hot water and a mild soap and then pat dry.

      The Gua Sha
      The Gua Sha
      The Gua Sha